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Norman Shmorman


So today has been prettty uneventful. I went to literally every good boutique in norman to try to find something to wear for valentines day.. and I did not see ANYTHING! I swear norman is the worst place on earth when it comes to shopping and if I order anything on the internet it won’t be in on time… oh well.. i think i may go to oklahoma city tomorrow but it’s not like okc is that much better.. Anyways, here’s a song i’ve been obsessed with.. sorry there’s no music video for the remix… but the song is definitely worth listening to!


I’m in loveeeeeee with these Gucci shoes.. too bad they’re $1,275

0440912555609r_300x400and Gucci’s prefall 09 collection… 


Perfection. Bravo Frida Giannini! Patent leather boots with leather jackets and plaid and beanies? i likeeee. but i dont like norman.

On another note, everyone on facebook has been doing this “25 random things about me”… and im bored.. so here i go:

1.  Today I noticed that someone stole my silver OU thing off the back of my car

2. I spent my last birthday in Dubai and now that I think about it I probably offended a lot of Muslims for not covering my body up more

3. Last summer I lived in the East Berlin ghetto with a girl from Kazakhstan 

4. When i was little I thought the way a girl got pregnant was if a guy put his penis in her belly button

5. Right now I am listening to Röyksopp

6. I hate the feeling of sleeping naked

7. When I was little I picked up a portuguese man-of-war because I thought it was a butterfly.. and I was stung all over my body

8. I’ve kissed a guy from every continent except Africa and Antartica

9. When I was in eighth grade I asked my teacher who was a priest to pray for my dog because it had been hit by a car and he told me that dogs don’t go to heaven

10. Nothing is better than a guy with an english or european accent.

11.  Now I am listening to Dream Awake by Pegase – DOWNLOAD it

12. Id give anything in the world to relive our last week in Rhodos with Nicole and Mary

13. Last night I had a dream that I  saw an animal that was a cross between a cat and a Great Dane

14. Ive been to Mexico, the Bahamas, England, the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Italy, France, the Czech Republic, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Greece, Turkey and Australia

15. I have a pair of Jimmy Choo heels that I’ve never worn

16. I wish i was drunk right now

17. Nothing is sexier than a guy in a pair of skinny jeans or a suit with a skinny tie… mmm.

18. Im thirsty

19. Whenever strangers talk to me when ive been drinking for some reason I will act like I am from a different country to fool them

20. I got a parking ticket yesterday

21.  There is vomit on my back porch that will not go away

22. My house has been broken into twice while I have been home

23. Viktor and Rolf’s Flowerbomb is my favorite perfume and I wear it every day 

24. Vodka is my favorite drink 

25. I dont know why I did this

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